Why choose SPA MODULAR:


Experience has shown us that the quick, problem-free, and uncomplicated installation of thermal baths on the job-site can be guaranteed only by the extremely precise planning and manufacture of components in the factory. Because of its simplicity, our individual Modular System minimizes a host of potential problems which can arise during the necessary coordination of the various different groups of craftsmen installing traditional construction systems. SPA MODULAR is a unique system, making it possible to simplify the many fundamentally different technical skills necessary in the various areas. As a consequence, installation – from preparatory work all the way up to final installation – can be carried out by workmen with no special training in the different fields. In designing the SPA MODULAR System, we met this complex technical challenge by focusing on simplifying the assembly process. This guarantees easy, quick, and worry-free installation.


The Spa Modular Team consists of a group of enthusiastic experts with decades of international experience in the field of pool construction as project planners, manufacturers, installers, and maintenance technicians. The experience we’ve gained on a daily basis when planning and constructing thermal baths has provided us with extensive know-how in production, installation, and technology. In spite of our advanced know-how and lengthy experience in plant construction, we are continually striving to improve and optimize. Because of our constant efforts to improve, we have succeeded in realizing an idea. The result is an innovative and revolutionary product which – on the basis of its versatility, durability, and uncomplicated design – will set new standards in design, technology, and installation.