The SpaModular cabin system is extremely versatile, thus allowing units to be assembled with individual design and comfort features. In this regard, our system is designed so that each individual cabin consists entirely of ready-to-assemble modular components. These components are first positioned using a floor pattern and then snapped together in a pre-established sequence.

This modular concept prevents errors in assembly and permits the work to be carried out quickly, accurately, and simply. The necessary parts or lines for exiting steam, control buttons, sensors, Kneipp hoses, and bench heating are already integrated in the components and are simply snapped together. The wall and roof components consist of EPS rigid foam and gaps are filled in on the netting using two-component synthetic resin.

The seams have a milled crease which is filled in with a strip of netting and resin after the modular components are snapped together to ensure a smooth surface.


1) Delivery of a floor pattern with drill holes to assist in exactly positioning the outlets and lines.

installed screed:

2) Rolling out the floor pattern according to the modular components

3) Setting up the wall components and door panel

4) Roof assembly

5) Removal of the floor pattern

6) Filling in the gaps between the walls and the roof

7) Insulation of the wall components with prefab flooring

8) Assembly of the benches

9) Filling in and insulating the gaps between the benches and the walls



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