The SpaModular Pool System is a new, revolutionary method for the construction of swimming pools and basins. The constructional principle we have developed and the special characteristics of the materials used herald a new era in the construction of rigid foam pool construction.

The SpaModular Pool System makes it possible to build swimming pools, adventure pools, and whirlpools of all sizes and shapes. The advantages of the use of prefabricated basins or modular components in concrete pools in the construction of modern health spas are undisputed. For the first time, it is possible to build swimming pools of any size quickly, precisely, and reliably – all thanks to our SpaModular design.


  • Enormous weight savings
  • Unbeatable insulation values and tightness
  • Quick and clean construction due to the use of prefabricated system components, including individual parts
  • Unmatched precision of the entire system
  • After assembly, the specially layered foam structure can be immediately tiled

After completion, the whole installation can be immediately put into operation!

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